We Aim Perfection

We are experts in our field.
We aim success and achieve it.
We are innovative and creative.
We always support development.

Who Are We?

 We have been established in 1989 in İstanbul, Turkey in order to export bearings. It has widened its product range since then, and has been more and more able to provide its customers with alternative solutions.

 Today, we are providing our exclusive services and products to a high number of companies with the support of leader brands which we are still marketing.

 Our company’s goal is to take its services to the highest level, reflecting its 26-years-old-experience on its work.

We aim success and achieve it.

With our fast, trustworthy and solution-producing vision, we are aiming to be the most preferred and needed company by the leaders and the company which provides its customers with the highest rate of benefit and alternative.
Our mission is to provide numerous societies’ needs with high-quality, fast and alternative solutions. We believe that good-quality services and products should be reachable by everyone. The Akar Rulman family, our suppliers and business partners are all making our best to achieve that.

We Take Initiative and Responsibility

We show active personal leadership.
We do our best to meet our job's requirements.
We work as a team.
We built productive and elementary organizations.

Our Advantages

  • We Provide High-Quality and Fast products / services
  • Our brands which are leaders in their fields
  • We enable exportation within 36/72 hours
  • We work on consignment
  • Our customized solutions
  • Our high experience and savoir-faire

We make our customers happy

We work for our customers' success.
We care about our customers with high-quality products and services.
We listen to our customers.
Our priorities are defined by our customers' priorities.

Why Akar Rulman?

Today, Akar Rulman is creating high-quality and fast solutions for bearing and other mechanical needs of several companies of different sectors. It has developed its skills in providing all the products needed in the FASTEST way and find alternative products and services.

 With its well-equipped and experienced crew, our firm is providing its customers with any technical help, determining their needs. When needed, Akar Rulman provides seminars and courses about products and brands, involving its partners when necessary.

Quality Certificates