To create and provide wide and qualified stocks to compensate the needs of our customers.

Customer Relations

To consider our customers’ offer, order, type of transportation and maturity-payment type and make presentations about our costumers’ expectations.

Swift Response

To make offers to our customers, the products ,bearings and equipments which they barely afford.

Create an alternative/to supply specific product

To provide our customers with frequently needed products from our international partners and thus provide financial advantage and accesibility.

Finding New Products

To spot high quality and alternative products from new, less known producers from our international researches and inform our customers about them. We are continuously widening our range to provide the answer all the necessities.

International Delivery

To make international deliveries to our customers in need of bearings and industrial products in Germany, France and England via our own and partner companies at affordable prices and terms of F.O.B.


To make exports and sales to our costumers located overseas and in freezone division without value-added-tax(KDV).

Work on Consignment

To work on consignment with the brands that we deal and export in order to share our customers’ stock burdens and to provide economical advantages, with the collective agreement.

Immediate Supply

To import supplies within 36/72 hours to meet customers’ immediate needs.